What is the principle of DMC and to whom it concerns?

            The principle of DMC represents a way of service that our company offers to all interested persons, companies or NGO’s who would like, without being personally present in Macedonia, to perform any of the following activities:

Inheritance procedures, divorce procedures, legal advisory, denationalization procedures, as well as taking care for real estate using the DMC principle for Macedonian citizens that emigrated abroad.

            As this principle offers realization of the previously mentioned services without the presence of the users in Macedonia and also without hiring any employees or renting offices, the costs for the realization are incomparable smaller than usual.

            Our final goal is exceptionally professional processing of your requests without interfering in your company’s business policy, because we are willing to be your service partner.

            Another reason to choose DMC for your activities in Macedonia is the long working experience of our stuff and our expert collaborators.