DMC for Representative offices

In case you want to provide presence of your company, brand, service or product, we propose registering a representative office of your company. The office will be according to the principle of DMC for companies OPTION 1 (100% active) and you have available the following services:

        Registering the representative office

        Opening and managing a resident banc account in any bank you choose

        Opening and managing a non resident banc account in any bank you choose

        Full market research and possibilities for disposing your services, brand or product;

        Full information coverage about the market of goods and services in Macedonia

        Providing an ideal marketing partner for full promotion of your services, brand or product;

        Providing meetings in our offices (the same address that your representative office will be founded on) whenever you want to meet your clients or visit Macedonia (to be agreed previously) and also full availability of our staff and associates during the agreed period.


        Verified copy of the registration of your company

        Decision for appointing a Representative*

        Decision for registering a representative office*

        Program for the activities of the office*

        Power of attorney for registration*

*documents prepared by DMC, verified by your company