DMC for NGO’s
(Non-government organizations)

            The Non-government sector in Macedonia is in constant development, dictated by the situation in the region, the transitional character of the state as well as all recognizable problems like the recent crisis and the multi-ethnical surroundings.

            All this had influence upon increasing the interest of the foreign non-government organizations to start different kinds of projects related to constructing a civil society and its popularization as a unique option. What the principle of DMC offers for NGO’s is quite favorable, as follows:

·        Registering an office in Macedonia;

·        Opening and managing a resident banc account in any bank you choose

·        Opening and managing a non resident banc account in any bank you choose

·        Providing all necessary information and data of all non-government sectors in form of reports, official statistic presentations and analyzes from expert institutions;

·         Contacts with science institutions, experts and other NGO’s for preparing projects, as well as support for choosing projects;

·        Indication to all urgent problems in Macedonia subject to the interests of NGO’s

·        Full support and services of the financial part of the projects and their budget realization;

·        Providing contact and cooperation with government institutions, agencies and ministries required for completing the projects;

·        Complete supervising of the realization and dynamics of the projects from the start with periodical informing until their full execution;

·        Temporary hiring of staff in case of bigger activities (if needed for bigger projects)

·        Providing meetings in our offices (the same address that your NGO will be founded on) whenever you want to meet your clients or visit Macedonia (to be agreed previously) and also full availability of our staff and associates during the agreed period.


·        Verified copy of the registration of your NGO

·        Decision for appointing a Representative*

·        Decision for registering an NGO*

·        Program for the activities of the NGO*

·        Power of attorney for registration*

*documents prepared by DMC, verified by your company