DMC for Macedonian Citizens currently living abroad

The DMC principle for Macedonian Citizens living abroad provides taking care of their movable and immovable property in Macedonia and conducting all actions with the competent authorities in Macedonia, in order to protect their personal interests.

According to your needs, we conduct the following activities:

        Hereditary procedures for inheriting properties from deceased owners;

        Denationalization procedures for property subtracted with the regulations for nationalization, confiscation and expropriation:

        Divorce procedures for marriages concluded and signed in Macedonia without the presence of one or both spouses;

        Managing other procedures with the competent court for protection of property, personal or status interests;

        Soliciting, managing and trading with immovable properties in Macedonia.

All enlisted actions will be started only after issuing a concordance, order of

execution and power of attorney by the user of the services. Both the power of attorney and the order of execution are special, precise and the actions for which the client agrees are well specified.

Depending on the legal issues, the power of attorney is assigned to the expert in the specific area-a lawyer from our group of associates.

For all finished actions and court sessions, the client will be informed immediately via e-mail.

The price of the services is identical with the tariff for services of the attorney chamber, increased by the correspondence costs and provision for the company.